3 ways to Portland.

by tatjannam

Like everyone else in the world, the week before a trip for me is busy! I like to have all my clients Cd’s in their hands and nothing outstanding before I leave so when I return home it’s to focus on the clients from my trip. But that’s on top of trip planning, choosing what to bring with me and making sure my gear is operating correctly!

This is my first trip I’m posting here, though Already this year I have been to Las Vegas and the California desert on top of trips locally to Helena, Havre and Bozeman! But I’ll try to focus here! this trip is to the Emerald City of Seattle and The City of Roses, Portland.

What is unique about this trip is not the trip itself but the way I am getting “there and back again” † . The first part of my adventure will be by Greyhound Bus, not the new ones but one of the old fashioned 80’s buses (no luxuries here!), I will be staying with my “niece” Christy and her Husband AJ while I am there, the next day I’ll be throwing caution to the wind and take a pre setup rideshare to Seattle, Where I will meet with my old friend Rob and my new friend Danielle, then off to the train to Portland where I will meet with Butterfly and later Sean!

Ridesharing, is the internets version of hitch hiking, only you split costs of the trip, you just stick your internet thumb out and hope to catch a ride, Sure, I could have flown, taken the train, bus, rented a car, but I love to let the universe just take over and go! I am not so ignorant to not meet the person I am riding with first, however, and the lady (Lisa) I will be riding with seems to be a like minded individual. A working artist from the Helena area, I can’t wait to get to share the largest part of the journey with her!

Well, I’ve more prepping to do! See you soon!