Thanks for wandering with me! (about the blog)

by tatjannam

Growing up, I had parents who were travelers! Their jobs were 2 very movable type positions. My Father, was in the army and then after that took up truck driving and my mother rode the rodeo circuit. Many a times, our summers were spent in the back of a car or in a tent in some remote mountainous location. I suspect that my own happy feet, stem from my youth, there was always something new, somewhere I’d never been. I cherish our beautiful country and since we “settled” down in Great Falls Montana back in 1989, I’ve wanted nothing more then to just see and Just be, letting the universe take me where it will.

Lately, I’ve had more and more opportunities to travel, it’s always hard leaving my kids, but coming home is that much sweeter. This blog is to be a journal of my travels, the good times, the difficult times, what I am seeing and doing on these “journeys” and the people I meet or friends I see along the way. I hope that you will follow me as I go and interact with the blog as well!

See you soon!