it’s all meaningless without a meaningful life.

by tatjannam

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”
— Jack Kerouac (On the Road)

I think part of this journey has nothing at all to do with working. I think it has to do with finding myself, or rather catching up with myself, I’ve been running for so long on lost memories and past achievements that there are times when I forget to dream. I’ve always been a free spirit, always seeing the trees for the leaves, the winter for the snow and the sky for that unreachable blue but I’ve never really allowed myself to be brave to just wander where the wind will take me. I’m still years from being able to completely pick up my roots and wander out of the forest, as I’ve responsibilities to home and family, but I can still be creative with the ways I approach the opportunities handed to me.

I think the last few years, I’ve witnessed so much heartbreaking  actions by so many, that I just need to know what’s beyond those “hills” is there still “good” out there? Can people still smile at the simple things? Or enjoy a conversation with a stranger without alternative measures? I don’t know if I’ll find those answers right away, but I hope to the stars that I may get an inkling of an opportunity.

It’s time to stop reaching into my past , ever clawing for a reminder of who I am, when ahead of me is where those answers really are.

Whats so different about this trip?

I will be traveling over 2,000 miles (by the time you add sightseeing and working) by many different forms of transportation, some of which will require complete trust in a stranger on my behalf, I will not be renting hotel rooms or renting a car, the only mode of public transportation will be short (less then 5 hours) stints on train and bus, the rest of the trip is completely faith based. I feel like, this is one way to meet new people to really get a chance to let the universe work it’s magic.

As for trip updates.

I’ve emailed Rob (Seattle) to let him know my point of pickup, he’s currently sailing about the pudget sound on a 5 day adventure “race” Go FROG PRINTS! I’ve also spoken with Lisa, my rideshare from Helena and it seems we are going to get a long just fine. We will be leaving Helena at 6 Am on Thursday morning and hope to just miss Rush Hour in Seattle.

My mother has offered me a ride from Helena to Great Falls on my return trip so I’m super stoked, to see her, She purchased a bag for my journey from the Crow Fair this last week and I can’t wait to use it, I believe she’s coming to see me the day before I leave Helena.

I’ve purchased my bus ticket from Great Falls to Helena (thank you for going with me Vandra Bonner)