Pushing, Hurricane & T-5 days to go.

by tatjannam

I don’t think I have pushed myself so hard as I have the last few days, I have prepared more images to close out my accounts then I have in a very very long time! But all in good time, I don’t want to push to much harder because I believe in quality and that’s what I want to give my clients, not rush orders!

All the while I’m sitting here worried for a family member who lives in Norfolk, right in the path of Hurricane Irene, so far tonight ALL of my east coast friends have been silent, even the usual night owls and it concerns me, but I know many will be without power this weekend, so I try not to stress! Geesh and she hasn’t even made Landfall yet!  It could be that I have been poised in front of my computer for 16 hours today, trying to get my work done, My legs hurt, my fingers are numb and my eyeballs are as dry as the dust bowl..I’m over it!

Day 5 til I leave was today and I’m really trying hard to contain my excitement/Nervousness, I’m ready and willing to just take it a day at a time and go!

See you soon!