A little set back, Maybe, I hope not.

by tatjannam

Maybe I am just soo excited for this trip that i’m nervous for absolutely no reason at all , I’ve already made my travel plans so I’m just super excited to leave. Today was the day I was supposed to get my itinerary done (after shooting a session and pretty much clearing my workload) … So I attempt to contact the person I will be staying with in Oregon (the primary reason I’m going to Oregon, Photography, was just a good idea to make some contacts in the region!) Nothing..no response, so I’m a bit worried, I texted him yesterday as well and it isn’t like him to not reply so not only am I worried about my plans I am worried about him!!! Hopefully he’s just on some getaway in the mountains and all is fine!


Speaking of worry, Today was a long day of it, I’ve so many friends in the east in Irenes Path that I spent the day worrying about them , Tonight I got the news that the worst was over for Norfolk where my aunt is and that they are ok. So I a little relief to be had, my friends live in several different states up the seaboard so we are not out of the woods yet!

today was day 4 to my trip..wednesday I leave, I can’t believe how fast the time is going and I’ve still yet to pack! OI!  I’ll leave you with some images from our outtakes this evening and love and peace to you all!

To  all my friends in the east, please please stay safe!

See you soon!