Rainy Day and Helena Montana.

by tatjannam

Running on 3 hours of sleep, but I think it may work in my favor to help me get some sleep before my 6 am departure for Seattle tomorrow! I’m very excited to meet Lisa and get moving!

Before leaving my sweet husband we decided to take a few moments to do something together, and that was play some guitars! 🙂 I really would like this guitar please! hehehe

So I definitely lived through the Bus ride to Helena, I was expecting an old fashioned bus as we had ridden on last time but it was a fairly modern one and the ride was alright.There was a storm passing through, the kind that linger for a full day grey with wisps of white clouds, just the kind of day to turn the mountains  a deep emerald and gold..So I did enjoy the view!



When the bus pulled in Christy was there waiting for my arrival! And as if reading my mind suggested dinner!

So off to Applebees and to pick up a few last minute items before tomorrow! Thank you Christy AND AJ, for letting me crash at your place and for hanging out! 🙂

Up Bright and early tomorrow and the sun is heading towards the same horizon I am, but sleep first!