Catching up!

by tatjannam

Most of my time in Portland , I did not have internet connection, so I didn’t get to blog as I had planned. However, there is still a story to be told here.   This story isn’t mine, so it absolutely MUST be told!

I have never lived my life as an observer, Rather, I have always been a participant. The 9 days that I spent on the road, I knew that I was not the only person here, it was time for me to observe and participate.  I wanted to know stories, I wanted to know, were there still people out there who still trusted and believed in their fellow man? I wanted to know if there was still something to believe in.

Before this trip, I was a mother of 4, a wife,  a photographer, I carried the knowledge of the things I knew. I had taken risks and some may have been large, but they were not exactly risks that stopped and made some gasp. What I wanted was to let go, I needed to find a part of myself that had been sleeping, I needed to lose the tight grip on control that was becoming a burden, I needed to find something, that I was quite exactly sure existed. I took the risk, I accepted rides with strangers, who then picked up hitchhikers, I walked on a warm summer night without worry in a place I had not known and what I learned, was more then I could have ever hoped. I hope that you will continue to read this blog , as to come are the stories of the trip, of the people (and animals) who made this trip more then amazing….