Good deeds in Guatemala.

by tatjannam

Most of my life I’ve wanted to travel, I had only to get the bravery to do it on my own. On one of my last trips, my travel companion Lisa and I experienced a moment where, traveling and doing good happened simultaneously. My annual trip this year or “wander abouts” as I call them, had me guessing for what I could do where “I” could go…And then I realized “I” was the continual focus.

I guess maybe there comes a time in life when you begin to realize, there sure are a lot of I’s and it’s time to do something for someone else. So how do you go about doing so? Well I spent 36 hours researching Volunteer abroad charities, And there are many to choose from! Ecotourism, down and dirty hard work, emergency help and so on, and all the places to go!

I had it narrowed down to 4, and I begin removing charities (this actually feels bad, if only there were 4 of me!) And one kept coming out in my mind. A group called Mayan families. Like any history geek, the Mayan culture has always been profoundly beautiful, I find their history intriguing and  creative hands amazing! So when I saw that the group needed a photographer to document their work in panajachel Guatemala. It became the obvious choice. I can definitely take pictures, and I feel confident about my ability to teach a class of native peoples basic photography. Which will in turn help the group expand it’s information to the world.

So the next step was to email them with intent and availability.  Right now, we are just discussing the expectations and such. But I am incredibly hopeful this trip will come to fruition. I have asked my dad to join me, we share the same passion for photography and I think it would be an amazing experience to share with such an amazing man.

I’ve learned so much in these early stages of planning, everything from the United embassy’s Step Program, to the fact that I really should have been using travel insurance all along. I am eager to start fundraising and to meet the people of the Mayan tribes, to know their stories and to share them with you! Our goal is October. I’ll share each step of this journey leading up to the trip, as I’m sure it’s not going to be an easy one just to start the ball rolling!

6 months 6 days to possible departure.