Toys= History and children inspired.

by tatjannam

I was initially go to write about what inspired me to go to Guatemala, and forthcoming I will. But, as I was writing, my youngest son came in layed down next to me and I asked what I was doing. I typically am multi tasking , work and while work is loading, up loading or downloading or rendering, I am blogging, advertising or sharing time with my family. So I anwered. “Multi-tasking”. Jeron, is not the type to be dissuaded by a simple answer and began to read my blog as I typed it. “Mom?”, “where is Guacamole?”, I realized quickly he meant Guatemala and explained it’s location showed him a map and began to show him pictures. Of course he had two more questions, the first Why am I going and the second, will you bring me a toy. I explained to him the situation in Guatemala and we looked at images and stories of the people, I told him one of the first forms of basketball was played in Mayan cities (I did omit that instead of a ball they used the decapitated heads of enemies) . As for the toy he would like me to bring him a whistle or flute.  After an hour of learning about what I am doing there, he stood up and prepared to leave the area, but first asked. “Mom?” “Can I help them too?” , I smiled and said, you already are.By simply understanding why mom is going and not being mad at me for going you are helping. . I think my children are amazing creatures, During our time he said one day he wants to go too. I think someday we will go do good together. I hope I can inspire my son to be the best person he can. That is simply the best Legacy a parent can leave to their child.