6 months out.

by tatjannam

Tomorrow will be 6 months until the possible big day, I’m still worried to say it’s really going to happen, as I don’t want to be let down if  I don’t raise enough to go. I’ve decided to pick up an additional job to help save for the trip, between that and my business and fundraising, I think I can do it!  I have my first interview tomorrow, which is no little thing for me as I’ve been working for a long time for myself to build my photography business, being employed with a boss again may just be a good change!

Sadly, my dad can’t go with me on the trip due to time constraints. It’s a bummer for sure, but as much as I will miss him not being there, I am keeping my eyes on my goal which is to serve the Mayan People and help make a difference in their lives. To be honest I’m half scared and half excited. But the experience will be worth every emotion I’m bound to go through, and lord knows that will be many.
I did receive an email from Patti today, letting me know about discounted apartments for volunteers, each email I receive lets me know that I am that much closer to actually going . I haven’t left the country (Besides to get to Alaska in 1999) since I was 2 or 3 coming from Germany. I guess it makes the world feel that much bigger.

I like the idea of being able to tell my grandkids one day that I went somewhere and I did something that is bigger then me, then us. And when my youngest son is old enough, I hope that I will have told him enough about what it’s like to give to others, that he will join me.
Because to me it doesn’t seem like there is enough people in the world giving, there are so many needing and doing without, I would much rather work hard everyday and live simplistically knowing I am helping another then work little and be adorned with riches, when we all really are adorned with riches galore if we’d just look inside. None the less, i should get back to work. Have an excellent evening!