Learning curve and Photos.

by tatjannam

Spanish, it’s the second most spoken language in the USA and yet, I can’t!  Growing up on the west coast I am no stranger to the language, in fact I can usually understand about 60-80% of what is being said to me in Spanish, but when it comes to replying, I stand there with a completely stupid look on my face like someone had just slapped me about the head. *sigh* This is going to be painful.

Then I decided, I want to immerse myself in Guatemala, I don’t want to be the tourist who relies on others to translate, I want to understand the jokes and the people speaking to each other in the background of a crowded street. So the obvious conclusion..Get a tutor, right?! Yeah, not so easy in a town of 54k that is landlocked and has a very low spanish speaking population. So I’ve began taking lessons on a website called Busuu.com after 6 days I can speak some sentences and basic “getting around” phrases. So there may be hope for me yet, if I could just figure out adjectives!

It’s been a fairly busy last few weeks. But I did manage to stay up extremely late last night and work on a few images, so I thought I would share.  Since I have no images of Guatemala yet. Here are some from some of my previous adventures and just life.

*luggage truck for Delta airlines moves across the tarmac while a wait for an arrival.

*Beneath the Space Needle in Seattle Washington.

*Cat prepping for a meal in Tacoma Washington

*Scene looking south on Gearhart Beach in Seaside Oregon