Just thought I would share.

by tatjannam

I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten down to the nitty gritty about who I am. Haha, I guess most of us are asking ourselves that question, but here is a little about me.
I am a mom of 4 boys (yes, all boys, revert to football team jokes, lol) , I have a husband, named Rodney, and he is exactly what every woman wishes for in a partner, Funny, caring, talented and most of all, encouraging.

One of the most defining things in my life is Photography, not only is it my choice of careers, it is also my hobby (nature and environment) my passion, my love and my drive. Every day I eat sleep and dream photography. So to be able to use photography as a way to help others just makes the prospect of Guatemala sound amazing.

Here are some photographs I thought I would share perhaps they can help make this blog a bit more visual. 🙂