by tatjannam

Fundraising is an absolute nightmare, I’m not really the kind to break down and cry, but this week has definitely been an emotional one. I’ve done several fundraisers in the past, never for myself and they have been somewhat successful and always beneficial . Probably because I have never done one for myself. I completely believe my cause is worthy, I mean teaching a skill to people that can be gainful for employment, building a school and helping in general, yeah in my eyes that is completely worthy. I’ve been putting money aside, and my hope is to be able to match funds with money I raise. I think I’m a bit empathic, which is great for a volunteer, but probably not so great when your raising money, I keep internalizing it to my own self worth, though my logical mind knows better then that. What a struggle indeed! But this is me, when the world says no ride, I say, Fine then, I’ll walk!  And lord knows if that’s what I have to do, I might, ok I’ll probably find someone on lonely planet to share costs with and not walk, but none the less, I won’t give up. There is too much in this world lost to giving up and I won’t be one to do the same.

I think this is my first “venting” session, and I’ve still over 5.5 months left before I am to depart…I probably panicking for no reason lol!