Unexpected. Montana.

by tatjannam

I realize my blog is dedicated to travel, but i realized today that I’m not ALWAYS going to be in the action of travelling and then I realized, in I way, I actually am. All adventures start with an idea, a place in your mind that you are curious about. I’m not sure who is like me, in that when I think I may like a place I go Google happy. I learn all the details and paint a picture in my mind. So in a sense, I am travelling, even when I’m not.

I’ve been thinking lately about just taking a stroll/ride/drive etc around my very own place and learning about the people in each place, maybe sooth my wanderlust a bit and share the images with my friends and fellow bloggers.

Montana is not really what most may think, whatever your perceived ideas, they are wrong, or you have completely understated them. I showed up in this town (Great Falls) on a hot August evening in 1989, August 2nd to be exact, my older sisters birthday was 2 days after. I had come from the Los Angeles area. I stepped out of the truck in almost sheer disbelief of what I was seeing, the first was the absence of people. As if to mock my disbelief  a  plastic bag caught a wind current and took on the form of a tumbleweed flying down the “main road” Oh Hell!  It was a Wednesday evening and in those days they shops closed at 5, and it was 8 pm with the sky painted pink.

In the 23 years of living here I have come to realize that the beauty of Montana is not in her bustling streets (and yes they do exist, NOW!) but in her dusty country roads, in her regal mountains and miles upon miles of untouched forests. And yes even in the diversity of her people. From Butte with a rich Irish tradition and personality, to Missoula with their college fun and ecologically friendly innovative ideas, Bozeman has trend setting sophistication with a wild fun side for the outdoors, can anyone say skiing?!, Billings with her big city mentality, but small town feel and Great Fall touching her agricultural and exploration history. But in between each of these towns lie tiny, sleepy undiscovered communities just waiting for someone to wander back into the past with them and see life lived as it was almost a hundred years ago. Montana is truly a surprise and a secret. I really can’t wait to make a plan!

Until that time…Here are some past images of my beautiful state…Be aware some are shot on cell phones and ipods, or were taken off of facebook because I’m on my newer computer and was not willing to walk all the way out to my PC.


Sunrise over The Great Northern and Hungry Horse reservoir near Columbia Falls 2007.

The Last Stack, Anaconda Montana 2009

Butte’s, Our Lady of the Rockies

Dillons, beautiful farm land and mountain views

Invenergy farm, Judith Basin, Montana.

View of the Bridgers, North of Bozeman.Wibaux, Montana.

Lightening And a sunset over the great falls of the Missouri, Great Falls, Montana

Wild Daisies in Glacier National Park.

A mountain stream near Neihart Montana