Just a wonderful day.

by tatjannam

Today was great! Up with the sun to meet my long time friend for coffee and just a general day of hanging out and getting ready for her baby who is due in June. It turned out to be one of those fantastic days, you know, the kind you blog about?!
She truly spoiled me! She prepared a good old country breakfast for us And she also made delightful salad for lunch, which was pretty enough to share here!

we ran some errands, then had coffee with my mom who I hadn’t seen in some time as she lives about a 160 miles from me.
Since she spoiled me for breakfast I was absolutely insistent that I at least get her in some impromptu maternity shots. She insists that she doesn’t look good in front of the camera, I think she looks amazing!

We never did get around to prepping the baby area! But, I think i’ll go visit again tomorrow! It’s not a long distance travel by any means but every moment I get to spend with my friend is a walk down memory lane and always a new adventure! I have had a very lovely and full day today and I also managed to get my office put together! So I will keep this short and sweet! have a terrific day/evening!!

I do want to make a note: If you would like to donate, even just a dollar to help me go to Guatemala, I would be exceptionally thankful! And you may always do so at   http://www.gofundme.com/kmuk0 , of course I have to put my cause out there occasionally! You can also check out my fundraising tab up top there!^. Or visit Mayanfamilies.org to see what I will be doing during my volunteer stay.!  See you soon!