Up to the moon

by tatjannam

Have you ever sat beneath white stars and black sky and just wondered about anything at all. I think we all have our own thoughts that race through our minds when we do, each as individual and diverse as there are stars in the sky. With the “Supermoon” making it’s way over the horizon on Saturday and another beautiful moon rising last night, I have spent much time looking “up” this weekend. It rained before we could see Saturdays sight, but Sunday it was lovely!

Spending so much time watching the suns last light trace the curve of mountain tops, I have had a fair amount of time to think, I have reaffirmed my thoughts on Guatemala, despite the trials I will have to get through to go, I AM going. But I also think I would like to help out more around my community as  well. In the past I have tried to start up a youth art group, but there sadly was not enough interest to keep it afloat. Today, I received an invitation to attend an orientation for a group that helps kids with disabilities, I’m hoping I can join the equestrian section of the group, to help with therapy through horses.

I don’t want to put too much more on my plate though, preparing for Octobers trip and volunteering plus, my full time job as a photographer and my family will keep me busy enough. So my next 6 months is going to be keeping busy and I actually enjoy that. I do not like sitting idle, it creates too many thoughts and it feels like time wasted that I could use for something better. Like showing my children the world or at least the one around them. Or travelling and doing many of the things I love to do! I leave you with an image of the moon last night. Keep dreaming those dreams! 🙂