Baby showers and bucket lists.

by tatjannam

I guess this blog  is all about beginnings and endings and what to do with all that time in between. What I do know, is I don’t feel I could sit around and wait for that day to come and just take it day by day, I want to celebrate and live every moment. I’m not good and living virtually, I need to do it physically. Right now, this moment , my world is small and though inside my head it grows larger everyday, my goal is to physically see it!

But first, A baby shower.

By nature I’m a very creative person, I actually prefer “making it” to buying it. And if it can be made I will make it! So when it came to a gift for the woman who has been by my side through thick and thin, well I had to think hard and I’m not sure that covers a gift for a friend like her! You should know, that the only thing I probably WON’T make is anything that has to do with baking. I hate baking and it usually ends up being a big pile of dough, which i imagine tastes like something early sailors would ration out. So going the extra mile for baked products (as in, driving to the bakery or grocery store) is a must.

What could make a cake however, and over the last few months I’ve gotten good at making diaper cakes as I’ve been selling them to raise money for my trip! So here was my gift to her.

It includes everything from diapers to outfits for the baby and care supplies :). I really love making them and I hope she knows that hers was tons of fun!

Ok, back on track to the bucket list. Because life is full of adventure if you want it to be, right?
I will not be found on my deathbed having said “No, I just stayed home”

Bucket List. ( in no particular order)

  • Zhangjiajie National Park in china
  • Visit Nunavut in Canada and learn of the people.
  • The Fjords of Norway
  • Visit Patagonia
  • help restore the cloud forest in Ecuador
  • Help take core samples Artica
  • Camp 2 weeks in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana
  • Help build a school or homes in any location
  • teach a child to read (not just my own)
  • visit the nomadic people of Mongolia
  • Help restore farm on the Indonesian Islands
  •  Teach a class for at least 6 months in Chile
  • Start a free arts program in my town
  • teach people how to garden
  • Horseback ride Nehalem bay
  • Sit on the cliffs of Moher and just take it in
  • build a sustainable home
  • Visit Greenland
  • Visit Angel Falls, venezuela
  • go to Angkor wat
  • document and teach in Guatemala
  • See Tikal
  • document papua new guinea
  • go on a spiritual journey in Mesa
  • see the cliff dwellings in the SW
  • hike to macchu pichu
  • Pyramids of giza
  • horseback in the desert
  • kayak near the san juan islands
  • take a train from Havre Montana to Seattle washington
  • experience the Denali Wilderness.
  • See the door to hell in russia
  • visit heaven’s gate lookout in Idaho (I can say i’ve seen heaven and hell and everything in between)
  • buy a hand basket in helena (hell in a handbasket)
  • work as a ranch hand
  • document a day in the life of a wild horse.

    (The highwood mountains and Great Falls, Montana)