Walking between heaven and Angels

by tatjannam

This month was incredibly intense, from the spark of life to the sorrow of loss, every moment was accounted for. But for now, I will stick to two topics. Heaven and Angels.

I live in Montana, the open plains often experience severe weather throughout the year, it often seems the very first few weeks in autumn is our respite from it. The winter Brings blizzards and freezing (or below) from the Rocky mountains while, the spring brings heavy snow, rain and winds. This is not a climate for the feint of heart. But me, I love the summer thunderstorms, how they roll in, clouds boiling up and over in a frenzy. chaotic winds followed by 1 perfect moment of silence and stillness before the rains slam to the dusty ground and lightning pierces the sky. That moment when thunder rumbles across the echoing plains reminiscent of an explosion, you hold your breath and then laugh at your moment of weakness.

One thing we normally do NOT have is Tornado season. This year has already changed that fact rapidly. On June 4th our second thunderstorm of the season (not counting the thunder snow in February) was watched by national eyes as a system flowing Northward slammed into a system heading east near Missoula, Montana, causing rapid rotation, and for the first time in the years since I have been here, I heard the radio go silent and then the music replaced by the National emergency services warning system. it should be known, I live in a modular home on an acre of property in a semi rural area, surrounded by open plains…I’m kind of asking for a Tornado if one were to occur. True to form, I looked Southwest to see the biggest Supercell (Mothership) formation heading right towards where my home is located. I grabbed my gear and headed to the “hill” where my home is located. And this is what I captured.

While this supercell ended up not spinning out Tornadoes the one the next day did, due to circumstances I was unable to capture that one, but being under the storm was pretty darn impressive!

A few days earlier I was able to witness another awesomely amazing moment in life. The birth of my “niece” my life long friends daughter. She’s absolutely the most precious little thing and I can’t stop talking about her! To capture the moment that life begins is truly the most heart rendering thing a person can document. I can’t express how emotional it was.

While the total of 2 possibly 3 tornadoes that occurred on June 5th did much damage, none took a toll on life, however one little life began and that is possibly the best things a blogger can ever say!