Glass blowing and bead making in Townsend, Montana

by tatjannam

For the last few days, I’ve been visiting south Montana for a family reunion. My mother, the adventure lover that she is has set up some planned events for the family. The first of which was right in the town where she lives.  After the morning coffee had been ingested , we climbed into our perspective 4 wheel drive vehicles and left the small town roads for the dusty gravel roads of the countryside. My Aunt, (who comes from Mojave desert of California) mentioned how sweet the Montana air was and we pointed out to her the source of early alfalfa growing in the fields, as we drove we took in the scenes of the looming mountains perched majestically behind green and yellow fields, it seems no matter where you go in Montana there is a picture perfect view.

After a time we arrived at a small farmstead surrounded by yellow flowers and golden wheat fields and dotted with trees with tree houses in them. We were welcomed with hugs and smiles and shown into a small room in the back of the house. Here our instructor taught about bead making, not really something I ever thought I would find enjoyable, but I decided when my turn came along I would try it out! And I really did enjoy it!

When we finished with bead making we headed back to my mothers to pick up the rest of the family, that had stayed home for this segment.  Then rushed off to a lovely little glass gallery called Goose Bay Glass, where they make their craft right there and you are able to watch the whole process, it’s pretty neat actually! The vase in the images below was specially crafted for my Grandmother. I highly recommend stopping by this gallery if your in the Townsend/ Helena area or if you are just heading up highway 12 or 287 in Montana.

The town of Townsend is really under rated, I love art and I was really assuming I was coming to podunk nowhere, but to see so many arts and crafts going on in one community, I believe I’ve only scratched the surface and with it’s proximity to Helena being only 34 miles the town sits on the end of multiple outdoor recreation areas such as Townsend lake, Canyon Ferry reservoir and only 65 miles to the lewis and Clark Caverns (on the way to Yellowstone, Perhaps 287 is a road in itself worthy of a back “way” to your destination.