Virginia City, Montana.. A walk back in history.

by tatjannam

On Saturday we took a day trip from Townsend to Virginia City Montana. Virginia City was the capital city of the Montana territory before it’s statehood in 1889. However today it is a “ghost” town. I use the term “ghost” loosely, because really it’s operational and a pristine example of life in the Victorian era in Montana. Some of the empty buildings have been preserved as museum rooms, while the better buildings have gift shops, restaurants, candy and clothing stores in them. There is an operational stageline and horse back rides as well. Many of the store keeps, wear period clothing to add to the charm and realism of the era. While the term ghost, may not be totally appropriate the phrase “a step back in time” truly is.  A little gem of a find for those who are not familiar with Montana’s history and the nooks and crannies who can’t self tour the host of amazing ghost towns in the state.

As with every tourist area, Virginia City has it’s drawbacks in the pricing area. Definitely NOT the financial woes of  theme parks and big city museums, but for a local girl the prices seemed a bit steep for what I wanted to buy. However, the proceeds go to keep this beautiful little community alive, so I suppose the drawback can be seen as a plus.  I would think you could have lunch, enjoy a horseback ride, have a cola on the honesty policy and take home a trinket or two for around 60-70.00. We skipped the Montana trinkets, but couldn’t pass up fresh salt water taffy and candies from my childhood at 10.00 per pound.