Amid the clover.

by tatjannam

One of my favorite spaces to be is a place called Ryans Dam, located approximately 11 miles from Great Falls, Montana, it’s a majestic scene of both the old and the new. However, here, I won’t be discussing the history. In fact I will be focusing on just one little part of the area and I do mean little. Amid the rapids and turbines, lies a small island part covered in rocky cliffs (a love of the rattle snakes and bull snakes of the area) the other part covered in small grassy hills and clover. To reach this spot you must cross a suspension bridge and if you can brave the swinging and shaking of it, you’ll come to this tiny slice of heaven. One of it’s more popular inhabitants is the Desert cottontail, widely observed in Montana, it makes this sweet little guy no less cuter. And this one was ready for his close up!