Tilt+Shift, not just a photography thing.

by tatjannam

I’m sorry, but I won’t be sharing any photography until next week when I receive my laptop charger in the mail. It was one of the numerous things stolen from my vehicle  while attending the independence day parade here in my hometown. And while yes, I am incredibly upset, sad and quite possibly feeling violated, I now understand that everything has a reason, even the bad stuff.  I probably come to this realization once a year or so, but I guess life believes I need a reminder and indeed I think we all do. I need to taste the sour to completely understand the sweet as in I need to occasionally have something entirely rotten happen to me to really, truly appreciate the amazing people that surround me.

Obviously, the stealing of my gear was a major tilt, it completely caught me off guard, I tend to see the good in people to see the beauty of it all and I really try hard to ignore those flaws that i see as perpetual human traits. So to be violated in such a way, really irks me. I have never taken a loan or accrued debt for my business, each piece of gear I own is worked for , saved up for and earned and it has taken a long time but I feel like I am finally “doing it” , so you can see why I am so bothered.

But it also brings a shift, a better understanding of what is around me and the capability of realizing that when I am at life’s mercy, life will always show me why I am there. Today 3 people from the local photography community quite literally helped me keep my business going. 1 loaned me a flash (so I may still photograph a wedding this weekend) one loaned me a charger for my camera, without which I would not have been able to as much taken an under exposed image! and the other loaned me not 1, nor 2, but 4 lenses to be sure that I can cover the wedding the right way. I am humbled and completely thankful, while to some these actions may not seem huge, to me they mean the world, because each of these items assured that I would be able to continue my job with very little interruption.

I have been told the Great Falls photography community is uppity, I beg to differ, I completely think those who say so are out of line. When another business takes a blow, each of them could have turned their backs and instead they each made the choice to help me along, not limping but walking. I truly believe that this is a terrific and awesome community.!  I also do not want to leave out those who offered me to use their items, but they were covered. The mere act of extending the offer means more then they can know. And to those who reposted my status and tried to help me locate my gear, to Officer Dilly who went back and searched as well, and even to the people who went above and beyond to get me back online, Thank you so much.

Sometimes life will TILT…. But it can be great if you just make the motion to SHIFT.