Coming Closer!

by tatjannam

Ok so my goal this year is to hike a one trip total of almost 37 miles on the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) and spend 7 days cooking for a totally generous group of people who come in from all over to volunteer to build a network of trails that connect with other states. When completely finished this trail will span from Canada to Mexico. But it’s already being used so it’s important the CDT shine, Just like The Pacific Northwest trail and the Appalachian Trail. It will take work, but this trail has AMAZING potential.

Anyway, Since April I have been hiking/backpacking and photographing to get in shape and raise the items I need to join this group. And while I have a month and 2 weeks left before the hike, Today I woke up near the Bob Marshall and I took my first hike on the Continental Divide Trail. Oddly, enough while I was intending on getting some hiking in, I wasn’t planning on going up to Benchmark for that purpose. I had known that my Thru-hiker, Train and the other Southbounders (These hikers are all walking to Mexico from Canada, consider that 3500 miles and 6 months of walking!) were to be at the guest ranch yesterday, I was hoping to catch them and hand out some goodies they could enjoy and pack out the waste for them and maybe even take their excess weight ahead for them so they could enjoy the next few days…I missed them by a few hours, but Crystal and I stayed and enjoyed the woods.

When I got up this morning the birds were singing and the sun greeted me as I slipped out of my sleeping bag. I pulled a bear Grylls and used 1 smoldering coal to build a fire (For real!) and then I started shooting (photo and video) the sounds of a morning in the woods. Crystal and I drove out to the South Fork Sun Campground and there it was, the CDT. We loaded up the tri-pod and cameras and of course the backpack and headed out. It was a bright shining hour for me, I was so excited to be on it. Not because I was going far, we had a long way back to the city and other stops to hike at. But because, it finally felt real! I’m going to be hiking it this year. And one day I’ll be hiking ALL of it!

Thanks to some Amazing people and their donations and through some hard work, I’ve managed to wrangle up my camping seat, backpack, some wicking shirts, sleeping bag, headlamp and a few other supplies. I still need a few trail items badly and am working towards those goals!

If you would like to own a print from my gallery you can purchase one here
The price goes towards printing fees, shipping and helping me toward my goal off volunteering. If you would prefer to just donate an item, I have a wishlist at Amazon! We are getting closer!