Why go south, when you can go North…GIANT changes in my direction.

by tatjannam







So I’ve been MIA for about 9 months now, but I promise I have a legitimate excuse. I’ve been employed, took a trip around the Pacific Northwest and Highway 101, I was in a car accident , The cat ate my homework. Ok so only 1 of those isn’t the truth, 
 Ok the cat didn’t eat my homework, in truth I really was and am employed. I initially jumped into a career as an advertising Exec, with a local newspaper. Which was an awesome gig. So awesome that I realized my calling was in advertising, just not in print, so when I was offered a position as a Social Media Manager, well I couldn’t resist. Sadly, this position doesn’t come with solid weekends off, but split days off, a bummer but traveling costs money, so work it is!  However, working for some great companies has allowed me some cool things like taking a 1 week trip with two of my closest friends up Highway 101, that trip is for another day, but I also was able to buy myself a very conservative car with very conservative gas mileage and I love it…well until I was hit by a one ton flatbed pickup at a stop sign and wiped out the back of it. But all for a reason.  None, the less life is going well here are some images of some of our journies the last 9 months. 


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