About me


I’m a 35 year old mother of 4, full time wedding and portrait photographer, hobbyist life and land photographer. I love to capture the world around me without a deadline to meet so I can just take in the moment and not have to be on a schedule, While it’s the very reverse of that, that allows me to enjoy my career as a wedding and portrait photographer, the need to be prompt and the drive to be creative and timely.

I have a very extreme case of wanderlust, an innate need to see our beautiful planet in all of it’s glories, when time and finances allow. I’m a tree hugging, do gooder, quite possibly to a fault. I’m happiest when I can be helping others or saving the planet and if I can do both at once, even better! one of the best things about my job is helping others see the beauty in themselves, it was already there but I get to show them! It doesn’t get better then that!

In January of 2013 I would like to start on my Anthropology degree with a focus on linguistics. I think this would tie in well with my career and with my want of traveling.

One of   the biggest things besides art and family , in my life is volunteering. To me, when I imagine a world without volunteers, I imagine a place not near as beautiful. While I enjoy documenting volunteers in action, I also love to participate, I love to know that someone is happy, or safe or warm and dry and fed, that wasn’t before and I love that we can all have a hand in changing our world. I never want to reach the end of my life without knowing I at very least planted the metaphorical seed somewhere. Be it of hope, change, happiness or knowledge.
                                                                        Picture by my son Jeron Miller age 9.