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Helena to Seattle, whew!

What a trip so far!!! After a quick nap at Christy and AJs, it was time to hit the road at the late hour of 6 am, my companion Lisa was a great fit for road companions, and I truly believe that the universe intended this. Truly the shortest trip ever, full of stories and laughs AND a very amazing person. Near St. Regis we pulled off for gas, approximately 14 minutes later we were joined by 3 carless travelers down on their luck, we took them as far as Spokane , remember that kindness I was hoping to find!?

Here I sit awaiting friends in bellevue! What a wonderful day!




Forward..my “journey” begins

It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.””

It’s likely, I’m a bit of a fantasy geek, or I suffer from Happy feet (along with foot in mouth syndrome lol) but Bilbo’s quote to Frodo, was so apt. Hopefully I don’t meet any giants in the forest and if I do may they turn to stone, and maybe I don’t have the “one” ring, but like Bilbo i’ve a sense for adventure.

Today is day one of my journey, it’s a very small part as I am only going 100 miles via trailways bus, to Helena. But it’s the beginning of the thing. Today is definitely a day for adventures to begin, my teen started high school today and the smaller ones started back in their respective grades as well, I’ll be home when my eldest comes home, but I am a bit sad that I can’t ask the boys how their first day went!!!
I’ll call them of course, but still, it’s the point of the thing.

But forward I must go , because we really can’t go back and theres no point in doing so. I’ll post more tonight when I have service!

See you soon!

P.S. Tonights blog will FINALLY start having pictures!


Oh goodness, it’s almost here! I can’t wait I can’t wait..I feel so excited about this. I leave Great Falls tomorrow and Oh My Gosh! Anyway, I think I have decided (though nothing is in stone) that I may ride the train home again.  I think if I’m a bit overstimulated that may be the best way to go.  I suppose I’ll know when the time comes…but no matter what, it’s still an adventure, thank you to all of you who have been reading my blog, it’s great to know I can share this trip with you! Well, I should get some sleep, theres a great big world ahead of me this week and I don’t want to be to tired to take it in!

Drudging up a memory.

Huh, who would have thought that this trip would bring to mind such a painful memory? I was packing this evening, choosing my favorite shirts and jeans and as I picked one up rolled it up and placed it into the luggage, I simply thought. “This is such a Steven thing to do.” and for the first time, I laughed to myself about it. Steven was a really good friend of mine who passed away in 2009, It’s been such a painful spot in my heart, it had taken until I guess now, for me to fully get over his passing.
When I go to Portland I will be seeing 2 people who in life had been closest to him, I had not thought of that until now, in fact it’s been awhile since his passing has crossed my mind, I had taken the stance of blocking his memory, not because I wanted to be spiteful but because I realized, I HAD to move on and I simply couldn’t
while carrying his memory the way I was.
So to laugh and to finally, finally look back and realize, I do miss him and I very much loved him as my brother, I can look fondly at the time I spent with him, I can reach back to the nights under unbidden stars and the stories we told as our laughter echoed out across whatever landscape we were shooting in that night and I can appreciate them. I am so thankful that I am making this trip, it may be VERY “Steven” of me to make it, but perhaps it’s already given me the closure I have needed.

rest in Peace my friend, Your memory will ALWAYS be here.

as for the rest, see you soon!

2 more days

Ok finally, finally got around to packing! I’ve picked out some of my fav outfits and comfy clothes, I’m seriously not going to be all “business” when I get there, but it’s ok, I need to relax and just be! This is a short one, No pictures until the trip starts but soon!

See you soon!

Pushing, Hurricane & T-5 days to go.

I don’t think I have pushed myself so hard as I have the last few days, I have prepared more images to close out my accounts then I have in a very very long time! But all in good time, I don’t want to push to much harder because I believe in quality and that’s what I want to give my clients, not rush orders!

All the while I’m sitting here worried for a family member who lives in Norfolk, right in the path of Hurricane Irene, so far tonight ALL of my east coast friends have been silent, even the usual night owls and it concerns me, but I know many will be without power this weekend, so I try not to stress! Geesh and she hasn’t even made Landfall yet!  It could be that I have been poised in front of my computer for 16 hours today, trying to get my work done, My legs hurt, my fingers are numb and my eyeballs are as dry as the dust bowl..I’m over it!

Day 5 til I leave was today and I’m really trying hard to contain my excitement/Nervousness, I’m ready and willing to just take it a day at a time and go!

See you soon!



it’s all meaningless without a meaningful life.

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”
— Jack Kerouac (On the Road)

I think part of this journey has nothing at all to do with working. I think it has to do with finding myself, or rather catching up with myself, I’ve been running for so long on lost memories and past achievements that there are times when I forget to dream. I’ve always been a free spirit, always seeing the trees for the leaves, the winter for the snow and the sky for that unreachable blue but I’ve never really allowed myself to be brave to just wander where the wind will take me. I’m still years from being able to completely pick up my roots and wander out of the forest, as I’ve responsibilities to home and family, but I can still be creative with the ways I approach the opportunities handed to me.

I think the last few years, I’ve witnessed so much heartbreaking  actions by so many, that I just need to know what’s beyond those “hills” is there still “good” out there? Can people still smile at the simple things? Or enjoy a conversation with a stranger without alternative measures? I don’t know if I’ll find those answers right away, but I hope to the stars that I may get an inkling of an opportunity.

It’s time to stop reaching into my past , ever clawing for a reminder of who I am, when ahead of me is where those answers really are.

Whats so different about this trip?

I will be traveling over 2,000 miles (by the time you add sightseeing and working) by many different forms of transportation, some of which will require complete trust in a stranger on my behalf, I will not be renting hotel rooms or renting a car, the only mode of public transportation will be short (less then 5 hours) stints on train and bus, the rest of the trip is completely faith based. I feel like, this is one way to meet new people to really get a chance to let the universe work it’s magic.

As for trip updates.

I’ve emailed Rob (Seattle) to let him know my point of pickup, he’s currently sailing about the pudget sound on a 5 day adventure “race” Go FROG PRINTS! I’ve also spoken with Lisa, my rideshare from Helena and it seems we are going to get a long just fine. We will be leaving Helena at 6 Am on Thursday morning and hope to just miss Rush Hour in Seattle.

My mother has offered me a ride from Helena to Great Falls on my return trip so I’m super stoked, to see her, She purchased a bag for my journey from the Crow Fair this last week and I can’t wait to use it, I believe she’s coming to see me the day before I leave Helena.

I’ve purchased my bus ticket from Great Falls to Helena (thank you for going with me Vandra Bonner)

3 ways to Portland.

Like everyone else in the world, the week before a trip for me is busy! I like to have all my clients Cd’s in their hands and nothing outstanding before I leave so when I return home it’s to focus on the clients from my trip. But that’s on top of trip planning, choosing what to bring with me and making sure my gear is operating correctly!

This is my first trip I’m posting here, though Already this year I have been to Las Vegas and the California desert on top of trips locally to Helena, Havre and Bozeman! But I’ll try to focus here! this trip is to the Emerald City of Seattle and The City of Roses, Portland.

What is unique about this trip is not the trip itself but the way I am getting “there and back again” † . The first part of my adventure will be by Greyhound Bus, not the new ones but one of the old fashioned 80’s buses (no luxuries here!), I will be staying with my “niece” Christy and her Husband AJ while I am there, the next day I’ll be throwing caution to the wind and take a pre setup rideshare to Seattle, Where I will meet with my old friend Rob and my new friend Danielle, then off to the train to Portland where I will meet with Butterfly and later Sean!

Ridesharing, is the internets version of hitch hiking, only you split costs of the trip, you just stick your internet thumb out and hope to catch a ride, Sure, I could have flown, taken the train, bus, rented a car, but I love to let the universe just take over and go! I am not so ignorant to not meet the person I am riding with first, however, and the lady (Lisa) I will be riding with seems to be a like minded individual. A working artist from the Helena area, I can’t wait to get to share the largest part of the journey with her!

Well, I’ve more prepping to do! See you soon!

Thanks for wandering with me! (about the blog)

Growing up, I had parents who were travelers! Their jobs were 2 very movable type positions. My Father, was in the army and then after that took up truck driving and my mother rode the rodeo circuit. Many a times, our summers were spent in the back of a car or in a tent in some remote mountainous location. I suspect that my own happy feet, stem from my youth, there was always something new, somewhere I’d never been. I cherish our beautiful country and since we “settled” down in Great Falls Montana back in 1989, I’ve wanted nothing more then to just see and Just be, letting the universe take me where it will.

Lately, I’ve had more and more opportunities to travel, it’s always hard leaving my kids, but coming home is that much sweeter. This blog is to be a journal of my travels, the good times, the difficult times, what I am seeing and doing on these “journeys” and the people I meet or friends I see along the way. I hope that you will follow me as I go and interact with the blog as well!

See you soon!