Thanks for all the support and love! If you would like to help fund my summer adventures for 2013 (Listed below) You can help by purchasing a print or 2. All images are my own photographs from various hikes and adventures. Or if you would like to donate, you can choose something from my Amazon list and send it my way!

This years travels include (* Starred trips are confirmed)

June: El Paso, Texas (day hikes)
* August 11-18 Strawberry Creek / Bob Marshall Wilderness volunteer, Montana Wilderness Assoc. And Continental Divide Trail.

*September (dates to be confirmed)  CDT(Continental Divide trail) 2 days. Scapegoat/Bob Marshall. Pure hike.

I will add more trips as funding allows! 🙂

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Landscape and Life (Unframed) 

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Framed Prints

I will be adding more, so please check back as time goes on!
While I will be and have purchased many essentials for my journeys it’s always good to have extras for when (not if) the Oh No’s!) occur to help me continue to photograph these amazing wild places I could always use some extras. If you’d like to help simply click the Amazon link below. It doesn’t matter how big or small the item is, I am grateful! You can also take a look at the link to get an idea of what you will need if you plan on taking a hike!

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